The Rock of Winter Haven

A Church with a Firm Foundation !



"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Jesus Christ

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About Us

The Rock’s story has a long version and a short version. Here you’ll find the short version, and if you ever want to hear the long version Pastor Mike would be glad to share it with you.
Pastor Mike was a student pastor for over twenty years. In the spring of 1999 he surrendered to God’s call to be a pastor. During his twenty-plus years as a student pastor, God gave him ample opportunity to grow as a pastor and minister to the whole family, not just youth. He was preaching every week and leading his church in evangelism and missions.
Winter Haven had been on Pastor Mike’s heart since being a youth pastor in the area in the 80s and 90s. Within a few weeks of surrendering to God’s call, a door opened in Winter Haven. In his words, “the moment I stepped foot on the initial 10 acres of lakefront property I knew that God was in it!.”
Pastor Mike began preparing his family for a move, selling, giving, and throwing out anything weighing them down. In June of 2000 he and Karen (his wife) packed up the kids, his mother-in-law, and the pets and moved to Winter Haven for the adventure of a lifetime.
The Rock constituted as a church in August 2000, and on October 8, 2000 officially began membership with about 40 members. God has definitely had His hand on The Rock. There have been many trying times, but God has always been there to lead the church in the right direction. The Rock began with 10 acres and its founding pastor. Today the church has expanded its campus to 25 acres of incredible lakefront property, it has about 200 members, and a staff of dedicated pastors who are hungry to minister to the surrounding area for the glory of God. God is continuing to write the story of The Rock! Come be apart of something bigger than yourself and Love God, Love Others, and Serve With Joy!